Third Culture Kids (TCK)

Understanding TCK's

A TCK (Third Culture Kid) is someone who’s spent most of his or her life growing up in another culture(s) other than his or her parents. If you’ve spent most of your growing up years in other countries, you’ve adopted parts of these other cultures without belonging to a single one. Pieces of these cultures are woven into your life and you feel a real connection with others who have grown up in a similar way.

You fit this description if you’re from an internationally mobile family such as an academic, business, foreign service, military or missionary family living overseas.

In the second semester, the Counseling Department offers a transition retreat for the senior class. During this time, topics like what it means to be a TCK, saying good-byes, adjusting to life in their home country, and life in college are discussed. Seniors are also given a workbook with helpful information and tips about their upcoming transition.

The following web-sites will give you additional information about being a TCK!