Student Quotes

Dalat in Our Student's Words

Dalat is grateful to our wonderful student body and staff here in Dalat. We regard the education of the children with us as an awesome opportunity and responsibility.

First, an opportunity, in that our school is training the next generation of leaders to make an impact on our region, our individual nations, and the world. And second, a responsibility, in that we are called to teach our students to mature in wisdom and knowledge, all the while understanding the sacrifice that families make to provide a quality education for their children.

It is worth hearing briefly from our students and staff those few words that amplify the qualities and opportunities that are open to all who attend Dalat.


Grade 12

I like Dalat because the small, Christ-centered community provides a supportive place to learn, have fun and be involved.


grade 11

I feel like I am at home whenever I come to school.


grade 12

I have made some lifelong friends and got to know so many adults who actually care about me and my wellbeing.


grade 10

I am given numerous opportunities to express myself and share my passion with others. The diverse range of courses and extra-curricular activities really opens up a lot of doors for me to explore!


grade 11

The staff at Dalat commit their time, energy, and passion to providing a professional platform for a classroom in which teachers are wholly committed to impart to their students a love for wisdom, others, and God.


grade 5

Each division at Dalat has their own set of privileges. In the middle school, we have a slide, ping-pong tables, and beanbags chairs available in the library that only middle schoolers can use.


grade 6

I feel safe and welcomed. I really enjoy hanging out after school with my friends in the library doing homework.


grade 6

The teachers always have time for you. They will help you after school.


grade 3

We get to play games in PE like freeze tag. In science we get to do experiments.


grade 3

I like Dalat because of the great teachers.


grade 1

I like my classroom because I can learn! 


grade 1

I like my friends, teacher, books and food.