To encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in Dalat students and to allow for innovation and creativity in an experiential venture.

The Venture program will allow Dalat HS students the opportunity to start and run a small business. Approved Venture program applicants will be given a business license allowing them to sell a product(s) or service to the Dalat community.


Venture Program Application Process



Fill out an interest form

This can can be found here.

  • If this is a joint venture only one team member needs to fill out this initial application.

After the application has been screened, the student(s) will either move on to the next step or their application will be denied.

If invited to move on to Step 2, there are two paths to choose from:




Option A – X-block mentoring:

6 X-block or lunch sessions led by the Venture coordinator that you must attend with your mentor.  The schedule for this is flexible and customizable to your needs.

Option B – Enroll in Entrepreneurship

A ½ credit elective course offered in High School.




Students will submit the following:

  1. A business plan to the Venture program coordinator for approval.
  2. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the Entrepreneur(s) and Dalat.

Venture Program Operating Requirements


Each student entrepreneurial team will meet at least twice per month with a faculty mentor for the purpose of accountability and support. Mentors will regularly check on the status of sales and the organization of business practices. They will also offer support and encouragement at each stage of the Venture Program relationship. While mentors will offer advice and support, they are in no way responsible for the success or failure of the business venture.     

In addition to meeting with a faculty mentor, each business will be required to meet with the venture coordinator once per quarter.


Businesses may be restricted to certain hours, locations, and/or products based on the criteria determined by the administration to prevent competition with established vendors on campus including but not limited to the Junior Class, Excoms and Uniform stores.


Students will “keep the books” in a Dalat approved program with spreadsheets that tally expenditures and sales for “rent” purposes. They will occasionally be audited.


Students who run their business on the Dalat campus and sell to our market are required to pay “rent” to an approved Dalat program of their choice. Rent will be charged at a rate of 10% of profit per year with the max rent being 100 RM.

Charity choices include:

  • Care and Share
  • Impact Trip scholarship fund
  • or other with approval from the Venture coordinator.

Requirement to receive Venture Pin

Students must operate their business for a minimum of one complete semester in order to receive a pin and to have the venture program officially listed as an activity on their school transcript.

Venture Program upon
Graduation / Leaving Dalat

Students who establish successful businesses are encouraged to identify and train an apprentice during their final semester at Dalat. With this in mind, we hope businesses that students begin can continue after they graduate.


Our students are learning to unleash their entrepreneurial potential through our Venture Program experiences. They do more than just learn about the theory—they learn to be an entrepreneur!

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