Student Care

Supporting Students

Dalat’s Education for Life carries into school services for students who need support beyond the traditional classroom:

Counseling and Guidance

For academic guidance and emotional care. Here at Dalat we endeavor to provide the highest quality of care to every individual student.


Through participation in the The VHS Collaborative, SevenStar Academy, and other organizations, students acquire the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly technological world.

EAL Department

Dalat International School accepts students who are studying English as a second language, but students must have sufficient English to participate in the mainstream classroom.

Learning Support

The Learning Support program provides educational assistance to students with mild to moderate special needs to see them develop independence in their classes and to achieve success in their learning.

Spiritual Life

We believe life is best lived in a caring community. Our desire is to create a unique community of faith in the context of the international Christian school.